Best Chai Teas of 2014

Chai Tea Recommendations

Spiced milk tea from India is known as chai. Rich black tea is blended with traditional Indian spices, heavy milk, and a sweetener to bring out the full flavor of the spices. The most common spices used include cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and pepper. Chai produces a warming effect, aids in digestion, focus and a general sense of well-being. Chai tea is available as a concentrate, powder mix, or in bulk loose leaf form.

Concentrates often have a strong, bold taste, while dry mixes are more convenient. Bulk and bagged tea must first be brewed then blended with milk and sweetener, so the process takes more time.

#5 Pacific Chai Vanilla

Many fans choose Pacific Chai vanilla as their favorite morning tea when time is short.

This brand of tea latte contains no trans fats or hydrogenated fats, and is both gluten free and kosher. The powder is easy to use and an economical way to enjoy chai at home at a moment’s notice. The vanilla flavor adds a nice touch to the perfectly balanced flavors of sweetness and spice. You can boost the satisfaction by blending it with steamed milk or half and half.

#4 Blue Lotus Traditional Masala Chai

This traditional chai mix has made our top five chai teas of 2014. Blue Lotus captures a balanced amount of spices to tea and uses no artificial flavorings or colorings, no sweeteners, and no milk powder. Fans love that they are able to use the type of sweetener they prefer, sugar, honey, agave or stevia, as well as their choice of milk. Some prefer condensed milk while others choose their favorite alternative milk product. There is no brewing or steeping, so this mix is convenient and portable. It is great for trips as a little goes a long way. Because you use only 1⁄4 teaspoon per cup, Blue Lotus Masala

Chai is a very affordable way to enjoy the robust flavor of chai–made your way, to your preferences, every time.

#3 Big Train Spiced Chai

Set free your inner barista because this may be the most decadent (and sweet) chai that you’ll make at home. This chai powder is a creamy blend of sugar, honey, vanilla, black tea and exotic spices. You can make it cold or hot, simply add water to this convenient powder, or make it even creamier with steamed milk or milk alternative, such as coconut milk. It is far more affordable than the corner coffeehouse or restaurant and just as mouthwatering.

#2 Stash Chai Double Spice Black

One of the best chai teas of 2014, Stash Double Spice Chai uses twice the amount of clove, cinnamon, and cardamom for a zesty cup of chai. The bulk packaging provides an amazingly low price of around 15 cents per cup. The flavor is strong without being sharp, the aroma full-bodied. The foil-wrapped teabags keep the tea fresh and convenient for travel, and easy to brew to your preferences. For a chai latte, simply add your choice of steamed milk and sugar and top with cinnamon or nutmeg. Delicious!

#1 Lipton Spiced Cinnamon Chai

One of the most popular teas of 2014, Lipton Spiced Cinnamon Chai is also one of the lowest cost. The pyramid-shaped tea bags brew a consistently sweet and tasty cup but the flavor is not as strong as other chai beverages. Drink black for a low calorie beverage, or add your choice of sweetener or milk to enhance the flavor. The overall cinnamon spice may be more appealing to some tea drinkers who shy away from the zestier spices like pepper and ginger traditionally used in Chai blends.