Best White Teas of 2014

White Teas

White teas are unprocessed tea leaves picked from the youngest, most tender shoots. The unwithered leaves are steamed and undergo even less processing than green tea leaves. White teas are delicate and slightly sweet, and can be infused multiple times. Proponents claim that the high antioxidant content of white tea boosts the immune system to fight cancer, viruses, and bacteria, while its fluoride-rich properties help prevent dental plaque. It is also said to impede the breakdown of collagen and elastin, which may reduce the visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles and sagging skin.

#5 Harney & Sons Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding Tea is a light, well-blended combination of white tea, flower petals, coconut, almond and vanilla. The quality of Harney and Sons does not disappoint. The light scent and flavor of vanilla and almond come through with every sip and the aroma freshly floral. The 30 individual sachets make the brewing process convenient and may be infused multiple times. Also, the reusable tin has a pretty appearance and looks great as a gift.

#4 Teavana Youthberry Acai

For true tea aficionados, this soft white tea is blend of red currants, hibiscus, apple, mango, pineapple, rose petals, rosehips and acai berry. Teavana Acai White is a loose leaf product, and while expensive, is one of the top white teas of 2014, mainly due to its dedicated fanbase. This white tea blend is a fruity, full-flavored white tea with an amazing aroma. Some prefer to add a touch of sugar or honey during the brewing process to enhance the flavors. Sample Teavana Acai blend with a purchase of the 2oz. and sit back, relax and enjoy a truly unique tea experience.

#3 Numi’s Organic White Rose

Another top white tea of 2014 is Numi’s Organic White Rose tea. Using 100% organic white tea leaves and rosebuds, it is very low in caffeine, and is the tea of choice for many who choose relaxation over stimulation. This is a top quality tea worth the expense. The flavor is subtle and sweet and needs little or no added sweetener. The light, smooth taste draws customers over and over again, and every cup is satisfying without a single note of bitterness. Remember, white tea may be infused three to four times for a consistently flavored and aromatic cup, every time.

#2  Organic White Coconut

The Art of Tea Organic White Coconut Crème has excellent reviews and many satisfied customers. It is a creamy tea blended with the perfect amount of coconut and a bottom note of delicate white tea. Prepared in a tea infuser, this loose leaf tea is a sweet and soothing treat, especially late in the day or evening. The tin provides approximately 29 cups of low-caffeinated tea so the price is reasonable, given the award-winning quality.

#1 Choice Organic White Peony

Choice Organic White Peony tea has a subtle flavor, with fresh floral notes and lingering sweetness. Many fans adore the delicate flavor of this tea, enjoying White Peony on a daily basis. The purchase includes six boxes of 16-count tea bags, (92 tea bags in all) which make this organic choice an incredible deal when brewed multiple times. And remember, this tea has amazing cancer-fighting qualities in every aromatic cup.