Best Tea Gifts of 2014

Tea Gifts

#5 Tea Forte Large Tin Sampler Collection – Fifteen Silken Pyramid Infuser

This sampler collection excels for all your small but thoughtful gift-giving needs, including birthdays, holidays and hostess gifts. The beautiful packaging and variety of interesting flavors are sure to please even the most discerning tea drinker. The individual, pyramid-shaped tea bag hangs from the cup from a tiny leaf to keep it from falling in.

#4 Numi Organic World of Tea Collection

Give the gift of travel with each sip! The Numi World Collection provides 45 bags of 100% organic tea, 5 bags of each flavor; Breakfast blend (Italy), earl grey (England), golden chai (India), mate lemon green (Brazil), jasmine green (China), gunpowder green (Taiwan), rooibos (South Africa), Moroccan mint (Morocco), and chamomile lemon (Egypt). This organic tea gift comes highly recommended and the handcrafted bamboo chest adds a nice touch.

#3 Teavana PerfecTea Maker

This tea maker is a number one bestseller for two reasons: high quality design and ease of use. The 16 oz. polycarbonate carafe is sturdy, and the four-piece construction makes it easy to remove the filter and clean. Simply add the tea and water at the correct temperature, then place the maker over your favorite mug. The method works flawlessly for loose leaf teas, without leakage, and brews a perfect cup of tea, every time.

#2 Wissotsky Magic Tea Box

Looking for one of the most popular tea gifts for all occasions? Look no further because Wissotzky’s Magic Tea Box is suitable for loved ones, friends, business associates, and even as a personal treat. The Magic Tea Box contains 8 kosher flavors of black, green, fruit and herbal infusions in one unique assortment. World-renowned since 1845, each Wissotzky tea blend has withstood the test of time and has been passed down from generation to generation. The wooden box presentation is beautiful and each selection is full-flavored and balanced, made from high quality teas that are individually packaged in its own colorful tea bag. Each tea has a description on the inside of the lid.  Wissotzky has made gift-giving even easier by offering three additional assortments to choose from, including Green Tea, Mahogany Tea Chest or Tea Lover’s Journey Collection.

#1 Numi Organic Tea Flowering Gift Set

As one of the most popular tea gifts of 2014, this unique gift set elevates the tea experience to a breathtaking artistic display. The set includes a rustic bamboo chest and delicate, handblown16 oz. glass teapot complete with 6 flowering tea blossoms. Made with organic teas that, when steeped in hot water, slowly blossom into gorgeous shapes and flowers. Each tea blossom makes three very flavorful pots of tea that taste even better the longer it steeps.